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Blakeney Point is famous for its Seals, and both Common and Grey seals reside there all year round.
The Grey seals produce their pups from November to January and the Common Seals in July and August. Numbers fluctuate depending on the location of local fish stocks, but there can be anything up to around 600 seals. The seals are very used to the boat and their natural inquisitiveness means that they often surface to stare at us from just a few metres away, an incredible sight.

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A wide range of wildlife can be seen on Blakeney Point alongside the resident seals, of particular note are the migrant terns and other wintering wildfowl.
As well as the Terns that nest at the point in great numbers each year, waders, ducks, geese, gulls, cormorants, shearwaters and guillamots can also be spotted.

2 ternsbp3 053The best way to see the wildlife on Blakeney Point is to enjoy one of our ferry trips, departing daily from Morston Quay and during our trips we will share with you facts about the seals, birds and the other wildlife that you will have a chance of seeing.

On certain tides we can offer you the chance to land on Blakeney Point, please contact us for more information.